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    When will I receive my award?

    Detailed information on payment deadlines can be found in the copyright transfer agreement. The payment will be realized within 2 months of the results of the contest being announced. This procedure is related to the process of obtaining the necessary contact details, signing the contracts, and verifying them internally.

    Should I include the value of the prize in my annual tax return?

    No. The prize money is not taxable and therefore should not be included in your annual tax return.

    Can the film be animated?

    Yes, the film can be animated, unless the rules of the contest specify another desired format. In most projects, your creative idea is what counts. The format of the submitted spot should serve that purpose. In previous contests, many animators have been awarded.

    Where can I find music for my video?

    We have prepared a short-list of sites where you can find royalty-free music.
    If you want a different track, which you cannot find on these websites, you can always buy the appropriate license (for advertising on TV, cinema, radio).

    What music can I use?

    Films submitted to our creative contests are commercial works and can be aired on TV or in cinemas. Not all the music available on the Internet can be used in films free of charge. There may also be copyright issues. Therefore, make sure that the music used in your film fulfils at least one of the following criteria:
    1. It is licensed under CC BY 3.0 or CC0 1.0 (more info:
    2. It is in the public domain,* i.e., a piece of music which is not protected by copyright.
    Copyright in Poland expires 70 years from the death of the author (more in Art. 36 of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights).
    3. It has been used with the composer's permission (commercial use).
    4. It is a piece you composed.

    Why am I not allowed to use a well-known piece of music?

    At EY Crowdsourcing, we pay careful attention to copyright. Using a piece of music without the composer's permission is illegal.

    What is a public domain?

    In terms of soundtracks, public domain refers to a collection of music and songs that is not covered by copyright (i.e., has never been copyrighted or the copyright has expired). According to Polish copyright law (subject to exceptions specified in the Act on Copyright and Related Rights), copyright to the work shall expire within 70 years from the death of the composer. Those works can be freely used, as they become a kind of "public good." In the case of amendments made to work in the public domain (i.e., dependent work), the dependent work can only be used 70 years after the death of its author.

    Can I replace the soundtrack with one I hold the rights to and re-submit my film?

    If you used music or songs without permission, replace them with those you have permission to use. You can then re-submit your film to the contest.

    Is it not enough if I include an information board with the name of the composer?

    The information board does the trick, but only if you use it for purely artistic, non-commercial use. Participation in EY Crowdsourcing contests is associated with a cash prize which is transferred to the author of the winning film along with the copyright transfer agreement. If you do not hold the rights to the music, you cannot sign the copyright agreement or collect your prize.

    Can I use music under a creative commons (CC) license, e.g. Jamendo?

    Music under a CC license can only be used for non-commercial purposes. If you want to use such music commercially, you must obtain the appropriate permission (in most cases this happens through acquiring additional licenses).

    Can I turn to the composer for permission to use their piece of music commercially?

    Obtaining a license from a musician is possible, but it can be complicated and time consuming. Even if the "music stars" grant permission willingly (and even free of charge), you will need to get through to them, to their lawyers, or to the copyright agency. It is easier to find someone among your friends or an amateur musician who will let you use their composition.

    What types of files should I upload to the platform?

    YouTube supports the following file extensions: .MOV, .MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, WebM. The recommended format is an .MP4 extension with the file exported using the H.264 codec.

    Can I upload more than one film?

    Yes, you can upload more than one film as long as the contest rules do not specify otherwise. In previously realized projects, participants submitted an unlimited number of films.

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